The new residential area in Rijnhuizen

Rijndael will be the new residential area in the flourishing Rijnhuizen in Nieuwegein. Just a stone's throw away from Fort Jutphaas and the Rijnhuizen Castle, we will build over 200 stylish and super sustainable homes here, in a leafy bend of the historic Merwedekanaal. A well-thought-out mix and spacious layout will include row houses, semi-detached houses, and free standing houses. These homes are divided into four residential neighborhoods, each with its own character and style, yet forming a unity. Surrounded by the waterfront park and the water garden, it offers an unique living experience. Want to know more? Discover the neighborhoods: de Buitenplaats, de Parklaan, de Griend, and de Boomgaard.

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Vibrant living in Rijndael

Living vibrantly in Rijndael means having the proximity to numerous amenities and inspiration for your own "going out agenda". Just think about it: in Rijndael, you are within walking and cycling distance from schools, shops, restaurants, cultural venues, healthcare facilities, sports accommodations, and you can easily hop on a boat in the nearby harbor. And you can reach the city of Utrecht within half an hour by bike or by tram. How convenient can it get?

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Rijndael's central location

Rijndael is situated in an unique and green location in Nieuwegein, along the Merwedekanaal. Due to its central location in the Netherlands, accessibility is excellent. Whether you choose to travel by bike, car, or public transportation, you can easily reach Utrecht. Other major cities such as Amersfoort, Den Bosch, Rotterdam, and Amsterdam are also within close proximity. In short, it's the ideal base for exploring and commuting!

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Full ownership

The advantage of buying a home is that you are 100% a homeowner with the freedom to customize the home to your taste and preferences. Unlike renting, you won’t be bound by rules and regulations. A home ownership provides a sense of stability, security, and pride.

Financial benefits of buying

Buying a new home brings many financial benefits. Unlike renting, it is a long-term investment as the value of the home can appreciate over time. When you choose to buy a home, you pay a fixed monthly mortgage amount, providing more stability and insight into your housing costs. This way, you’ll never be surprised. It also comes with tax benefits as mortgage interest and property taxes can be deducted from income tax returns. Buying a new home allows you to save on living expenses and invest in the future!

Advice on buying a home

Need assistance in buying a new home? Our real estate and mortgage advisors have extensive experience advising internationals on purchasing a home in the Netherlands. They serve as your point of contact throughout the entire mortgage process, offering the support and guidance you need to make informed decisions. Interested in more information? Schedule an appointment with our team by clicking the button below.

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Stay informed!

In Rijndael, we are building around 200 new homes, which we will offer for sale in different phases. We expect to start the sale of the first homes in the spring of 2024. If you don’t want to miss anything, subscribe to the newsletter. You’ll stay informed and receive a notification once the sales start date is finalized. From that moment, the housing types will also be available online, and you can register online as an interested party. Do it quickly, as registration duration may influence the allocation of homes.

Your personal account

If you plan to buy a home in Rijndael, you can only do so if you have created a personal account in Mijn Eigen Huis. In one overview, you can see your favorite homes, digitally submit your preferences when the sale starts, and manage your preferences online.

Buying a home. How does it work? 

Once you’ve found your dream home, you can buy it from us 100% online, through a real estate agent, or a combination of both. But how does it work? You can read all the steps of the buying process on the ‘Buying a Home’ page. Or watch the video series about buying a new home.

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How allocation works

When allocating, we first look at the first preferences of candidates. If you’re the only candidate for a building number, the home is assigned to you. If there are multiple candidates with a first preference for the same building number, candidates who have uploaded a financial check take priority over those without a financial check. If you’ve uploaded your financial check, and there are no other candidates with a financial check and a first preference for the desired building number, you will be assigned the home. If there are multiple candidates with a first preference for a building number and a financial check, we then consider the time of registration.”

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